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High quality WJ-3 underground LHD mining scooptram diesel LHD

The WJ-3 underground mining loader stands out as one of our most sought-after machines in Russia market. Designed to be competitive, compact, and cost-effective, it offers a range of features that make it a top choice for mining operations worldwide.

One of the key highlights of the WJ-3 is its powerful engine, which guarantees exceptional power and performance, even in the harshest mining conditions. With this machine, mining operators can tackle tough terrains and challenging environments with ease. Whether it’s digging through hard rock or navigating through narrow tunnels, the WJ-3 delivers impressive results.

Compactness is another feature that sets the WJ-3 apart from its competitors. Its compact size allows it to maneuver effortlessly in confined spaces, making it ideal for underground mining operations where space is limited. Despite its smaller footprint, the WJ-3 doesn’t compromise on performance or functionality. It is designed to handle heavy loads and provide optimal efficiency, ensuring maximum productivity in every task.

In addition to its competitive and compact nature, the WJ-3 is also highly cost-effective. Its efficient engine and advanced technology contribute to reduced fuel consumption, minimizing operational costs. Furthermore, the machine requires minimal maintenance, resulting in lower maintenance expenses over its lifetime. With the WJ-3, mining companies can achieve significant cost savings without compromising on performance or reliability.

To truly understand the capabilities of the WJ-3, it is recommended to contact us for further exploration. Our team of experts can provide detailed information about the machine’s specifications, functionalities, and customization options. By partnering with us, mining operators can make informed decisions and choose the best equipment to meet their specific needs.

In conclusion, the WJ-3 underground mining loader stands out as a competitive, compact, and cost-effective solution for mining operations. Its powerful engine ensures exceptional power and performance, even in the toughest mining conditions. With its compact size and efficient design, it can navigate through narrow tunnels and confined spaces effortlessly. Moreover, its cost-effective features contribute to significant savings in fuel consumption and maintenance expenses. Contact us today to explore the capabilities of the WJ-3 and discover how it can enhance your mining operations.

Product Detail

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DALI WJ-3 is an underground LHD Loader that features a tramming capacity of 7 metric tons and our latest LHD technology to provide maximum performance in the toughest underground applications. The articulated WJ-3 carries 7 ton of payload in its bucket, that is sized at 3 m3 (SAE heaped). The vehicle is only 9044 mm long in driving position, 2,107 mm wide at the cab and 2,238 mm high at the cab when loaded. This meets the demands of applications like large narrow vein and small mass mining operations.

The WJ-3.0 is full of features to help mines maximize tonnes and minimize extraction costs. Engineered to optimize machine width, length and turning radius, enabling operation in narrower tunnels for less dilution and lower operational costs. It can be used for tunnel above size 3.4m X 3.4m.

Technical Specification



Tramming Size 9044*1980*2238mm Standard Bucket 3m3
Min Ground Clearance 315mm
Tramming capacity
Max Lift Height 4935mm
Maximum breakout force
Max Unloading Height 1810mm
Maximum Tractiom
170 KN
Climing Ability(Laden) 20°



3 rd Gear Speed
0~18.4km/h Operation Weight 17600kg
Boom Raising Time ≤6.5 s Laden Weight 24600kg
Boom Lowering Time ≤3.2s Front Axle(Empty)
Dumping Time ≤3.7 s Rear axle(Empty)
Oscilation Angle ±8° Front Axle(laden)

Power Train



Brand & Model Deutz BF6M1013EC Torque Converter DANA C273
Type Water-cooled / Turbocharged Gearbox RT32360
Power 165kw / 2300rpm


Cylinders 6 In line Brand DANA
Purifier Brand ECS(Canada) Type Rigid planetary axle
Purifier Type Catalytic purifier with silencer


●ROPS/FOPS-certified operator canopy and optional enclosed cabin improves safety
●DALI Intelligent Control system monitors all loader parameters, expediting troubleshooting and minimizing unscheduled downtime
●Low emission engine to ensure sustainable mining
●Ground-level daily maintenance enables safer servicing

Intelligent Control System

To minimize the need to move around the machine or use special tools, the 5.7” touch screen color display in the operator’s compartment provides service information, easy system diagnostics and alarm log files. An automatic brake test with diagnostics and logging can also be performed from the display.

Automatic Central Lubrication

The central lubrication system, a standard feature in the DALI WJ-3, optimizes grease consumption and extends the life of the bushes and bearings. Activated by DALI Intelligent Control System when the parking brake is released, hard to reach areas are well lubricated and service time is reduced.

Safety Onboard

All required daily checks can be done from the ground level. Energy isolation can be achieved with a lockable main switch, and standard onboard wheel chocks can be used to ensure the machine remains stationary. Maintenance access to the top of the machine includes three-point contact handles and anti-slip steps. Optionally available safety rails on the rear of the machine reduce risks of falling.

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