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Mining LHD Underground Loader WJ-2 scooptram loader

DALI LHD loader provides superior hydraulic power for fast bucket loading. The powertrain power enables high-speed tramming and increased productivity. Long-life components, specifically developed for the rough underground environment, contribute to low cost per ton.

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The WJ-2 is full of features to help mines maximize tonnes and minimize extraction costs. Engineered to optimize machine width, length and turning radius, enabling operation in narrower tunnels for less dilution and lower operational costs.

Diesel LHD WJ-2 (4)
Diesel LHD WJ-2 (4)

Technical Specification



Tramming Size 7000*1800*2080mm Standard Bucket 2m3
Min Ground Clearance 250mm Payload 4000KG
Max Lift Height 3975mm Max Breakout Force 85KN
Max Unloading Height 1740mm Max Traction 104KN
Climing Ability(Laden) 20°



Speed 0~17.4km/h Operation Weight 13500kg
Boom Raising Time ≤6.3s Laden Weight 17500kg
Boom Lowering Time ≤3.6s Front Axle(Empty) 5100kg
Dumping Time ≤4.0s Rear axle(Empty) 8400kg
Oscilation Angle ±8° Front Axle(laden) 9600KG

Power Train



Brand & Model Deutz F6L914(BF4M1013EC option) Torque Converter DANA C270
Type Air-Cool Gearbox RT32000
Power 83kw / 2300rpm


Cylinders 6 In line Brand CMG
Emission EURO II / Tier 2 Model CY-2J
Purifier Brand ECS(Canada) Type Rigid planetary axle
Purifier Type Catalytic purifier with silencer


●Designed with operator and maintenance safety in mind, the cabin is ROPS/FOPS certified.
●Wet SAHR braking at end of each wheel, combination design of working brake, parking brake and emergency brake.
●DALI scooptram features low cost per ton by extended component lifetimes and robust structure.
●Catalytic purifier with muffler, EOC+POC design, which reduce the air pollution underground.
The operator's compartment is ROPS and FOPS certified to improve safety underground, and efficient LED lights improve visibility. Safety can be further improve by equipping the loader with a fire suppression system, radio remote control and recovery kit.
Service brakes are hydraulically operated multidisc wet brakes on all wheels. Two independent circuits: one for the front and one for the rear axle. Parking brake is spring applied, hydraulically released dry disk brake affecting on the front axles drive line In case of a sudden pressure drop in brake hydraulics the parking brake functions as an emergency brake. Brake system performance complies with requirements of EN ISO 3450, AS2958.1 and SABS 1589

Diesel LHD WJ-2 (3)
Diesel LHD WJ-2 (4)
Diesel LHD WJ-2 (1)
Diesel LHD WJ-2 (2)

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