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Dali Releases UK-6 Truck With Multiple Updates


Best in class production performance

>> Structure

◆The front and rear frames are articulated with 42° steering angle. ◆Ergonomics Canopy with ROPS / FOPS certificate.

>> Operation Comfort & Safety

◆4 wheels driving and SAHR braking. ◆The combination design of parking brake & working brake ensure braking safety.

>> Early Warning & Maintenance

◆Automatic alarm system for oil temperature, oil pressure and electrical system.

Engine technology by  CUMMINS&DEUTZ

To serve varying customer and country specific needs, two 160 kW engine alternatives are available, both from Volvo Penta. The standard engine is an 8-liter Stage III A, capable of operating on diesel fuels with up to 3000 ppm sulphur content, whereas the optional Stage IV requires ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel.

The Stage III A engine also has an optional passive diesel particulate filter (DPF) exhaust reduction system. To reduce emissions and consumption of fossil fuel, both engines can also use paraffinic fuel, thereby meeting EN 15940 requirements.

The equipment is equipped with spring seats (with seat belts), the design of the cab is ergonomic, and the equipment has undergone rigorous industrial tests. At present, more than 20 equipment have been put into use, and the customer feedback is good.

DALI is a professional underground mining equipment manufacturer, mainly engaged in the production and sales of LHD underground loader, underground dump trucks, utility vehicles, etc. Equipment has been exported to 63 countries, especially in Latin America and the CIS region, DALI’s equipment is very popular with customers.

Post time: Jun-09-2022