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 Shipment of WJ-1 underground mining scooptram

 A set of WJ-1 underground mining scooptram (LHD loader) was shipped to mining site right on schedule.

2023-03-17 095222


The low profile WJ-1 underground mining LHD loader is uniquely designed for underground mining operations with limited heights, such as low-profile room and pillar mining.The new scooptram WJ-1 with its 1 cubic meter tramming capacity offers high productivity as well as significant environmental improvements.

Components & Inclusions

Engine:DEUTZ D914L04 / 58kw

DEUTZ BF4L914 / 66kw

Transmission:SAUER MV23

Axle:DALI PC-15-B F/R

Tire:10.00-20 PR14 L-4S,Nylon

Main Features

The frames are articulated with a 38° steering angle

Ergonomics Canopy with side seat

4 wheels driving & braking

Combination design of parking brake &working brake

Axles are equipped with differentials

Hydraulic Joystick control

Automatic alarm system for oil temperature, oil pressure, and electrical system.

Germany DEUTZ engine

Hydrostatic transmission system

Catalytic purifier with the silencer


Engine Fire Suppression

Auto lubrication System

Remote Control System

Closed Cab With Air-Conditioning

Side dump bucket

Bucket teeth

Protect tire chain

Flashing beacon

Reverse alarm


The WJ-1 mining loader is a popular industry workhorse that is the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications.It delivers high availability and hauls more every load, every cycle and every shift when compared to competitive loaders in its size class.


Scooptram is a shovel transportation machine that uses a bucket to shovel the soil and load the soil into the bucket for transportation. The low-cost and efficient scooptram is one of the important mining equipment. Our WJ series scooptram are suitable for different mine conditions.A scooptram is similar to a front end loader with the exception of height / profile and bucket capacity. This low profile piece of heavy equipment is used in underground mining and it transports blasted or loose rock ore in an underground mine. A scoop or bogger will work the face and load ore cars which are then used to haul material that will ultimately be processed in a mill.

How scooptram works——The scooptram machine has a small distance from the ground, and the middle of the bucket relies on the expansion and contraction of the tipping cylinder to realize the scooptram’s bucket movement. Generally scooptram used in relatively flat places with little resistance. The following is a detailed description of the scooptram definition from the characteristic structure and use.
Typically, the model number will depict the capacity of the underground loader. For example, WJ-1 is a 1 cubic meter capacity underground loader.
The scooptram is used to load and dump ores in the underground mine tunnel. The working efficiency of scooptram has a great influence on the progress of the project. Here are some factors that have a greater impact on the working efficiency of scooptram.
The first is the operator’s proficiency. If the operator is not proficient to operate, it will not only affect the working efficiency, but also cause trouble in the usage. It will also cause great damage to the equipment and personnel, so the staff must have skilled experience before they can operate the machine.
The second factor is the daily maintenance before the operation of the machine, which requires routine inspection and lubrication before work to ensure that the equipment does not work with failure.
Features in scooptram definition
Scooptram has low requirements on driving roads
Scooptram has flexible operation and convenient operation
Scooptram has simple structure
Scooptram has high construction efficiency
Structure in scooptram definition
Scooptram is characterized in that the bucket with a shovel mechanism is composed of a bucket body, a sliding baffle, a rotating baffle, a shovel blade and a ground breaking knife; on both side walls of the bucket body, there is a pole shaft and a bucket body.
Wheel/traction beam/frame/hydraulic device/bucket with shovel mechanism/support structure and frame lifting adjustment mechanism
We produce 0.6 cubic meter (WJD-0.6), 1 cubic meter (WJD-1), 1.5 cubic meters (WJD-1.5), and 2 cubic meters (WJD-2) electric scooptrams, and 0.6 cubic meter (WJ-0.6), 1 cubic meter (WJ-1), 1.5 cubic meters (WJ-1.5), 2 cubic meters (WJ-2), 3 cubic meters (WJ-3), 4 cubic meters (WJ-4), 6 cubic meters (WJ-6), and 8 cubic meters (WJ-8) diesel scooptrams. The color, appearance, layout, logo, etc. of the scooptram can be customized according to customer needs.


Remember, the personnel of Dali will provide you with professional consulting, will design, select and deliver the necessary equipment to you. We are always ready to help you.

Post time: Mar-23-2023