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Professional Underground Mining Equipment Manufacturer——QIXIA DALI MINING MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Dali mining machinery was founded on May 17, 2001, located in Qixia Private Economic Park, covering an area of 105,000 square meters. It is a well-known professional manufacturer of mineral processing machinery and trackless machinery and equipment in China. The company has been rated as a high-tech enterprise and a “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprise. There are three production workshops: riveting and welding workshop, processing workshop and assembly workshop. There are more than 110 employees (including Shandong Dali Mining Technology Co., Ltd.), engineering more than 20 technicians. The company has an annual production capacity of more than 300 sets of large-scale mine trackless machinery equipment and an annual output value of 60 million beneficiation machinery and equipment.


The main products of mineral processing machinery are ball mills, vertical mills, classifiers, flotation machines, stirring tanks, and thickeners, six series of dozens of varieties of products. The main products of trackless machinery are 0.6 m3, 1 m3,1.5 m3, 2 m3 of electric and diesel loaders ; 3 m3, 4 m3, 6 m3 of diesel loaders; 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons dumper truck; mobile crusher; various service vehicles such as vehicle chassis, fuel vehicles, underground lifting platforms, blasting equipment vehicles and underground concrete mixer.


Our products are widely exported to CIS countries(Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc), South America, Southeast Asia and Mongolia. We have experienced technical R&D personnel of mineral processing and mining equipment and reliable multilingual business personnel. In Russia and Peru, we have long-term cooperative agent companies that can provide us with goods preparation, maintenance and other services, which is more convenient for our cooperation with local customers.


A brief introduction to the development of our company
1998 Leasing plant and preparing to establish a company to undertake mine equipment maintenance business
2003 The first plant was put into operation, and the ball mill, classifier and flotation machine were developed successfully
2005 Undertake orders of more than 10 million complete sets of mineral processing equipment from a single customer
2007 The second plant is put into operation and the first LHD loader is developed
2009 The first WJD-1 electric loader is offline
2010 Complete trademark registration, and the first WJ-1 diesel LHD loader is offline
2013 It passed ISO9001-2008 certification for the first time, and the first WJD-2lhd loader was successfully developed
2014 Through the certification of “Safety Mark for Mining Products”, WJD-1S, WJD-1C and WJ-2 have been successfully developed
2015 The first batch of patents were successfully declared, and WJD-1.5 and WJ-0.6 were successfully developed
2016 The third production area was put into production, and WJD-0.6 LHD loader and UK-15 Dumper truck were successfully developed
2017 Company development of foreign trade business, WK-15 export to Russia, intelligent remote control system implementation
2018 Successful development of UK-12 Dumper truck
2019 Passed ISO9001-2015 certification, and WSJ-400YK, WJ-3 and underground concrete mixer were successfully developed
2020 WJD-1T, WK-6, WK-20, underground Bus , lifting platform offline
2021 In the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company, two production lines of mining equipment and mineral processing equipment were formed, with more than 100 varieties of product business


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Post time: Mar-10-2023