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DALI  releases  low profile loader

Designed for low profile applications

The loader is a strong and reliable workhorse for low profile hard rock mining, specifically designed for the toughest of conditions. With its robust reinforced structure, compact size, high payload capacity and components that are designed to perform in the mine environment, the loader is tailored to meet the productivity targets in the applications where the working height is extremely limited. It  frames are reinforced to resist ground and roof impacts, and the welded steel box structures used in the frame and boom provide strong resistance to shock loads.


Operator safety

The  loader comes with a ROPS and FOPS certified canopy, protecting the operator in case of rolling over or falling objects. The canopy door includes a door lock and latch mechanism with an interlock switch which automatically applies brakes and inactivates boom, bucket and steering when the door is opened. For better visibility from the operator’s position, adjustable high-power LED lights are a standard configuration. All-around operator visibility is further improved with a standard monitoring camera system including front and rear cameras. To improve overall safety underground, a Proximity Detection System (PDS) interface option is also available.

Proven engine technology

The loader is equipped with a robust 140 kW Stage II engine from Deutz, and with a catalytic purifier and muffler. The optionally available diesel particulate filter (DPF) is made of sintered metal, is field serviceable and can be cleaned with a high-pressure washer or steam cleaner. Using sintered metal as the DPF material also results in a long service interval. To reduce emissions and consumption of fossil fuel, the engine can also use paraffinic fuel, thereby meeting EN 15940 requirements.

The equipment is equipped with spring seats (with seat belts), the design of the cab is ergonomic, and the equipment has undergone rigorous industrial tests. At present, more than 20 equipment have been put into use, and the customer feedback is good.

DALI is a professional underground mining equipment manufacturer, mainly engaged in the production and sales of LHD underground loader, underground dump trucks, utility vehicles, etc. Equipment has been exported to 63 countries, especially in Latin America and the CIS region, DALI’s equipment is very popular with customers.

Post time: Apr-07-2022