• Bulldozers at work in gravel mine


As the largest underground mining equipment manufacturer in China, DALI has a large number of customers in North America, Latin America, CIS region, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Many large mining companies have established in-depth cooperation with DALI, such as FIRST QYANTUM, RUSAL, GLENCORE and so on.



Underground Truck in Peru

With the continuous expansion of the Bolivian market, DALI has sold more than 120 scooptram and underground mining trucks in Bolivia. In order to improve service and speed up the supply of spare parts, DALI has reached a strategic cooperation with MIGEMET INGENIEROS SRL in Bolivia. MIGEMET INGENIEROS SRL will act as the exclusive distributor of the DALI brand for the sale and service of DALI equipment in Bolivia.

DALI will send various types of scooptram and underground mining dumpers to the MIGEMET INGENIEROS S.R.L. warehouse in Bolivia, and build a spare parts warehouse. In the near future, DALI will cooperate with MIGEMET INGENIEROS S.R.L. to hold mining exhibition with the theme of DALI-MIGEMET in Bolivia to further deepen cooperation and expand the Bolivian market.

Post time: Jan-11-2022