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2 Ton Electric LHD Underground Loader WJD-1

DALI’s underground scooptram loaders are engineered to increase flexibility, raise productivity and reduce costs in mine loading and hauling applications.​ DALI loading and hauling equipment offers superior operator comfort and maintainability in even the most challenging conditions.All DALI mining LHDs are designed to meet the requirements of major international safety standards, including effective safety shutdown systems. Canopies for roll-over protection (ROPS) and against falling objects (FOPS) are standard on all units. Forward- and rear-facing cameras are available as options to increase the ease of operation and safety even further.

Product Detail

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The WJD-1 is full of features to help mines maximize tonnes and minimize extraction costs. Engineered to optimize machine width, length and turning radius, enabling operation in narrower tunnels for less dilution and lower operational costs.

Technical Specification



Tramming Size 6170*1300*2000mm Standard Bucket 1m3
Min Ground Clearance 220mm Payload 2000KG
Max Lift Height 3250mm Max Breakout Force 45KN
Max Unloading Height 1050mm Max Traction 50KN
Climing Ability(Laden) 20°



Speed 0~8km/h Operation Weight 7000kg
Boom Raising Time ≤3.8s Laden Weight 9000kg
Boom Lowering Time ≤2.5s Front Axle(Empty) 2100kg
Dumping Time ≤1.8s Rear axle(Empty) 4900kg
Oscilation Angle ±8° Front Axle(laden) 4550KG

Power Train

Electric Motor


Model Y225M-4 Type Hydrostatic of forward & reverse
Protection level IP44 Pump PV22
Power 45kw / 1480rpm Motor MV23
No. Of Poles 4 Transfer Case DLW-1
Efficiency 92.30%


Voltage 220 / 380 / 440 Brand DALI
    Model PC-15-B
    Type Rigid planetary axle
2 Ton Electric LHD Underground Loader WJD-1

Structural features

● The frame adopts a slewing bearing and a steering angle of 38°.
● The cab design conforms to the ergonomics, and the side-facing seats provide a good two-way operation vision.
● The reinforced lifting arm and load frame geometry optimize the loading performance.
● Four-wheel drive and braking.
● The combined design of parking brake and working brake ensures good braking performance. The brake model is spring brake, hydraulic release.
● The front axle is equipped with a NO-SPIN differential, and the rear axle uses a standard differential.
● The hydraulic joystick controls the work to reduce the labor intensity of the driver.
● Automatic alarm system for oil temperature, oil pressure and electrical system.

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