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2.5 Ton Underground Mining Battery Locomotive

Battery powered mining locomotive, it can haul 5~6 mine cars of 0.75~1 cubic meters. Explosion proof is optional for coal mine. Gauge 500mm or 600mm. this locomotive has been proven to be the best quality in its class level.

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DALI explosion-proof locomotives are specially designed to comply and exceed special requirements for operation in environments susceptible to the presence of potentially explosive gasses through additional safety treatments and features.

Parameter table

Model CTY-2.5-6GB
Operation Weight 2500kg
Gauge 500/600mm
Normal Traction 1.75kN
Maximum Traction 5.8kN
Maximum Speed 10km/h


Voltage 48V
Capacity 60Ah
Power 3kW×1
Dimension Length 2130mm
Width 914mm
Height 1450mm
Wheelbase 650mm
Wheel Diameter 460mm
Minimum Turning Radius 5m
Speed Control Chopper
Braking Solenoid / Mechanical
Braking Distance 4m

2.5 Ton Underground Mining Battery Locomotive

Main Features

1)Derailment reset device
Lifting device is equipped in the locomotive, once derailment happens, the machine can be raised in the center of gravity, then get it back into rail.

2)PWM pulse width modulator
The control system adopts PWM pulse width modulator, which has many intelligent protection functions and can realize under voltage and overvoltage protection.

3)The pedal accelerator can smoothly start, accelerate, decelerate and brake, so that the running of the electric locomotive is more stable.

4)Energy saving
The locomotive will automatically power off when the acceleration signal is not input within 90 seconds, thus achieving the purpose of saving battery energy and prolonging the working time of the locomotive.

Optional system

1)Explosion-proof for coal mine
The machine can be equipped explosion-proof system to meet the requirement of the coal mine.

2)Image system
With image system, the driver can clearly see the safe driving trajectory of the towed vehicle, greatly reducing the accident rate.

2.5 Ton Underground Mining Battery Locomotive

3)Voice server
If operator encounters problems such as manipulation, driving and maintenance, operator can turn to voice server for help, timely help you solve problems and improve production efficiency.

4)Remote control
Wireless remote control within 180 meters of motor vehicle starting and stopping, running forward and backward and brake. This is good for high risky working area.

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