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1.2 Ton Electric LHD Underground Loader WJD-0.6

DALI WJD-0.6 LHD underground loader is a 1200kg payload loader, it is the smallest scooptram in the world. Compact and lightweight Load Haul Dump (LHD) for narrow vein mining. It offers reduced dilution, better flexibility, and operator safety while working in narrow vein operations. Easy to operate and maintain, and it features an operator compartment that is located in the rear frame of the machine to ensure increased operator safety.

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DALI LHDs are custom designed to operate in the low profile, narrow vein and midseam mass mining operations in both hard and softrock applications. They are efficiently compact with an optimal operator’s position. The lateral arrangement of the operator seat guarantees optimal views for forward and backward tramming. The capacities of the DALI LHDs are ranging between 1 to 14 tons. The LHDs are globally used in underground mining, in tunneling, hydro-power and other civil construction projects. Renowned for their robust, durable and reliable characteristics, the loaders are available in various emission standards and come with data analytics and automation capabilities. Safety, ergonomics and maintainability are some of the key features of our design.

Electric LHD WJD-0.601

Technical Specification



Tramming Size 5050*1150*1900mm Standard Bucket 0.6m3(0.5 option)
Min Ground Clearance 200mm Payload 1200KG
Max Lift Height 2600mm Max Breakout Force 35KN
Max Unloading Height 900mm Max Traction 40KN
Climing Ability(Laden) 20°



Speed 0~8km/h Operation Weight 5135kg
Boom Raising Time ≤2.5s Laden Weight 6335kg
Boom Lowering Time ≤1.8s Front Axle(Empty) 1780kg
Dumping Time ≤2.1s Rear axle(Empty) 3355kg
Oscilation Angle ±8° Front Axle(laden) 3120KG

Power Train

Electric Motor


Model Y200L-4 Type Hydrostatic of forward & reverse
Protection level IP44 Pump PV22
Power 30kw / 1470rpm Motor MV23
No. Of Poles 4 Transfer Case DLW-1
Efficiency 92.50%


Voltage 220 / 380 / 440 Brand DALI
    Model PC-15-A
    Type Rigid planetary axle


●Zero-emission electric motor improves working environment
●Easy, ground-level access for service and maintenance optimizes uptime
●High power-to-weight ratio ensures faster cycle times

Electric LHD WJD-0.602
Electric LHD WJD-0.603

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